Deep Penetrating Solution混凝土深層滲透防水劑

DPS – Deep Penetrating Solution混凝土深層滲透防水劑
DPS is a permanent, single application solution that completely waterproofs, strengthens, cures and preserves most masonry and cement type surfaces.  The deep penetrating power of DPS solidifies masonry into a solid, non-porous mass and creates a permanent internal seal.
  • Strengthens and extends life of concrete-treated surfaces
  • Water-based, non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Increases bonding of any top coating by 300%
  • Significantly reduces wear caused by abrasions, freeze-thaw and salt attack
DPS屬無機材料的化學滲透液。其獨特的滲透作用能夠滲入到混凝土內部並與混凝土中的氫氧化鈣、鋁化鈣等發生化學反應成矽凝膠玻璃針狀結構的晶體,填補混凝土所有微細孔道,起到密封、防水防潮、抗凍、抗滲、增加混凝土強度和密度,防止粉化 及鋼筋銹蝕,牢固保護混凝土的作用。
適用範圍:DPS産品適用於工業與民用新、舊建築等各類混凝土牆體、地下室、廁浴間的防水及游泳池、 運動場、道路、橋樑、機場、養殖場,水壩等等專案的防水以及混凝土保護、修補滲漏等工程項目,混凝土構件養護。

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